Type of Down
Each of Downright’s down types is luxurious and special in its own way. Learn More
Type of Down Downright uses only the highest-quality down in every product, responsibly and ethically sourced, then gently sorted and sterilized for purity. Each down type has its own unique benefits. Discover your new favorite below.


95% feather, 5% down. Infuses down with the gentle spring-back of feathers

White Down

Soft, yet resilient top-grade duck down offering the comfort and warmth you crave at great value.

White Goose Down

Silky soft, fluffy down. For those seeking value without compromising on warmth and comfort.

Hungarian White Goose Down

Hungarian geese grow larger, producing softer, loftier fill.

Polish White Goose Down

Polish down clings together, creating an extra soft and cozy fill.

Siberian White Goose Down

Wonderfully lightweight, yet surprisingly cozy down.

Canadian White Goose Down

To keep warm, Canadian Geese produce larger, extra toasty down clusters,


The finest, warmest,
most inimitable and
exquisite down in
the world.
Fill Power
The greater the fill power, the fluffier and warmer the product. Learn More
Fill Power

Range (560+) - (920+)

Fill power is the space that 1 ounce of down occupies, resulting in its insulation quality: a higher number means bigger clusters, so the same amount traps more air (read: warmth) with less weight.

It’s not just what’s inside that counts. The right cover works wonders for sleep. Learn More
Material Our covers are crafted of the finest available materials sourced from European and global mills. Additionally, all Downright fabrics meet OEKO-TEX® standards for eco-friendliness and responsible sourcing.
Cotton Cambric

Deliciously breathable, 100% cotton cambric wicks body moisture and controls body heat for uninterrupted sleep. The tightly woven fabric stands up to down and remains dust mite-free.

Cotton Sateen

100% cotton sateen is long-lasting, with a luxurious, silky appearance and feel. The tightly woven fabric stands up to down and remains dust mite-free.

Cotton Batiste

Airy and lightweight, perfect for those who like a cooler sleep. The tightly woven fabric stands up to down and remains dust mite-free.

Silk Jacquard

Enjoy blissful luxury with 100% silk buttery smooth texture, woven in a subtle jacquard pattern. Silk stands up to down and remains dust mite-free.

Pure Organic Cotton & Tencel® Lyocell Blend

GOTS Certified organic, non-GMO cotton grown without exposure to toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, blended with a super-soft and renewable fiber sourced from natural wood cellulose.

Eliasa – Eiderdown Comforter

Grade A Icelandic Eiderdown
Thread Count: 434, Material: 100% Silk Jacquard, with Flowering Vine Pattern
Finest European Shell
Baffled Box Construction
Guaranteed Hypoallergenic Down

For those who desire the unequivocal best: sleep beneath the weightless, enchanting warmth of the Eliasa Eiderdown comforter. Each Eliasa comforter is composed of lustrous, pure silk stuffed with generous clusters of eiderdown, the undisputed pinnacle in luxurious, natural fill—the finest, warmest, most inimitable and exquisite down in the world.


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Product Specs

Made with Love, Meant to Love

Sewn to Order Invest in an individualized pillow or comforter, hand-sewn to your favorite specifications
Handcrafted in Brooklyn Each pillow and comforter is filled, fluffed and fanatically inspected right here in our studio
Responsibly Sourced Down that’s 100% a byproduct of the food industry: no live-plucking, no force-feeding
There’s down

Then there’s Downright

Your best night’s sleep Bedding that naturally conforms to your sleeping posture, manages your body heat, and adapts to you over time. All for a rest so deep, you’ll be upset you slept through it.
Fluffs and falls with the changing weather Eiderdown naturally adjusts to the temperatures around it. When temperatures rise, the hairs of each cluster lie slightly flatter, and the fill and insulation decreases. When the weather cools, they regain their fluff.
Every detail indulgent As high-touch as our down is, you mostly come in touch with the cover materials. That’s why we invest just as much passion and effort into achieving the highest standards of fabric purity, quality, suppleness and durability.
Pure quality and comfort The eiderdown we use is washed, cleaned and disinfected with meticulous care, then sorted by hand to remove any remaining feathers and knots, enhancing its quality and comfort.
Authentic Materials Luxurious Icelandic eiderdown wrapped in an exquisitely soft, 100% natural silk shell.
Quality Construction Baffle box for even heat distribution, double-stitched to last, then finished with elegant silk piping.
3rd-Party Certified OEKO-TEX® safe materials, RDS sourced, allergen-free, and more.
Dry Clean Spot clean or bring to a dry cleaner familiar with caring for down products.
What makes Icelandic Eiderdown so loved?
( - aside from its scarcity)
Light as air
If you were to hold a handful eiderdown in your palm, you would feel no weight -- just a soft, ardent, and glowing warmth.
Sumptuously soft
Tufts of eiderdown are silky soft, each shaft a sensuous composition of microscopic threads twisting gently around each other.
Stays true
Eiderdown’s innate springiness helps it maintain its shape - and otherworldly softness and warmth - for decades.
Scarcer than diamonds
With only 3,000 kg of Icelandic eiderdown available in the world each year - enough to produce just 1000 comforters.