Why Down Comparison Why Downright Down Types EIDERDOWN Quality Color Purity Construction Fabric Care
BENEFITS OF DOWN Naturally better than the rest
Comfort Lightweight material contours perfectly to your sleeping position
Warmth Natural clusters trap air, creating cozy pockets of warmth and insulation.
Savings More coziness without the heat bills
Breathability Wicks body moisture and controls body heat for uninterrupted sleep
Purity Once rigorously cleaned (as Downright does), down is natrually hypoallergenic.
Green Renewable and biodegradable, with lower carbon footprint than any other fill material
Down vs. Feathers
2 products, 1 bird

Down remains the ultimate in natural, breathable, lightweight, eco-friendly fill:

Nature's Great Cuddle

Light and fluffy,
with no pointy quills
3D plumule radiating
1000s of filaments
Down matrix keeps
warmth in, cold out
Grows beneath
waterfowl feathers

Birds’ natural armor

Long and stiffer
Flat, 2D structure
Often used as filler
or to firm up a product
Waterfowls’ principal
The Downright difference
The best down has to offer, and then some
1 Quality

We stand behind our product with obsessive quality assurance and independent testing.


100% byproduct of the food industry: no live plucking, no force feeding.

2 Handcrafted

Every single pillow and comforter is made by hand in the heart of Brooklyn, NY

Goose vs. Duck
Which down to choose?

GOOSE: The superior choice

Larger average bird =
larger down clusters
More resilient down;
tends to wear better
Generally lasts longer,
through more washes

DUCK: Next best

An all natural fill material
Higher performance than any
synthetic fill
Great goose alternative at
decent price
3 steps to your best sleep ever
STEP 1 Check fill power Fill power is the space that 1 ounce of down occupies, resulting in its insulation quality: a higher number means bigger clusters, so the same amount traps more air (read: warmth) within the filament matrix with less weight.
STEP 2 Test Craftsmanship The rest of the product tells you a lot about the manufacturer and their values. Look for baffle box construction, down-proof fabric, even stitching, elegant piping, light covers, and other telltales of handmade care.
STEP 3 Buy with trust A down-proof fabric product is a lifelong investment. Insist on purchasing yours from a reputable, upstanding company with a history of quality, service, humane sourcing, and family values.

Does color matter?


Down’s natural shades do not affect quality. Downright uses white goose down for crisp elegance across the bedroom. We do not bleach our down, so occasional, naturally occurring color gradients may exhibit.


Sleep tight, don’t let the allergies bite

Properly washed down is hypoallergenic.
Cheap feathers/fillers are what cause sensitivity.

See how our OXI-D process® meets or exceeds hypoallergenic
standards for oxygen and turbidity:

1 Wash

Each down lot undergoes 2 washes and 4 rinses with a mix of water, soap, and gentle, eco-friendly washers

2 Turbidity Test

Washed lots are tested for our minimum turbidity number of 550 (Industry’s acceptable min. is 300)

3 Oxygen test

Down is then tested for our maximum oxygen number of 3.2 (Industry’s passable max. is 10)

What is
the oxygen test?

The down is washed in water, which is then tested for extracted organic matter:

4 Rerun

Down that fails to reach our demanding standards is reprocessed until it exceeds all requirements

5 Dry

Intense 200°C heat opens the down clusters; finalizes sterilization; and curls up any feathers for extraction

6 Dedust

Machine-controlled dedusting draws excess fibers and any remaining dust from the down

Dedusting in action

After the drying process, our proprietary dedusting and cooling system ducts the down into a screened, encased chamber. As the down is agitated, the chamber develops a slight vacuum to draw excess fibers and dust through the screen into a collection system.

7 Sort

Sorting machine creates airflow across 4 chambers by traveling up and over walls

Material is gently carried from one chamber to the next according to material weight

Feathers’ weight drops them into first 3 chambers; lighter down travels all the way to chamber 4

Precise air control per chamber enables feather sorting by weight and size

Comforter construction

Here, quality meets craftsmanship

Why we chose baffle box:

Of the many formats to build a comforter’s interior, Downright applies the baffle box technique exclusively-across all our product tiers.

We sew small box-like compartments into the comforter and install an internal fabric wall to separate top and bottom layers.

The results are extreme loftiness, minimal fill shift, and nightlong quiet comfort.

Only the best cover fabrics

Down like this deserves to be gift wrapped

Our covers are crafted of the
finest available materials
from European and global mills

Premium German fabrics with
Sanpro Care finish naturally
control body moisture for better

All Downright fabrics meet
OEKO-TEX®  standards for eco
friendliness and responsible

Down, not dirty
Care and upkeep for your down


Always use pillow protector
Hold at corners and shake to fluff
Machine washable
Dry fully in dryer with tennis balls to
properly fluff and redistribute down


Grab at corners and shake to fluff
Hang to air out regularly
Front-load machine washable
Dry fully in dryer with tennis balls to
properly fluff and redistribute down