How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room

Why is it that a night’s sleep at a hotel leaves you feeling pampered and peaceful? What magical aura is in the air? We were determined to find out.

What we’ve learned: You can have that boutique experience we all dream of every night.

No, we are not implying that you slumber at a hotel for the foreseeable future.

But you can recreate that posh chamber in your own home without breaking the bank.

By applying some small changes to your bedroom, you can transform your nighttime experience from standard to sensational and begin to anticipate your turn- down time.

1- BED

The first and foremost thing that creates the luxurious lie-down is that which you lie down upon. Here’s where you should not attempt to save. Spending the extra buck on the mattress quality, linens and bedding will give you the hotel bed you await to sink into. 

You know that satisfying feeling of peeling back the starched sheets of a hotel bed? The clean comfort can be recreated simply by starching your bed sheets and tucking the corners each morning. It does require an additional effort but the serenity it offers makes the extra moment spent worthwhile. Expending extra attention on your bed each morning will have you anticipating your return in the evening.


Using warm tones will create a warm mood. Choose golden bulbs with a lower kelvin to improve your downtime and sleep to mimic that boutique charm of hotels.

A standard hotel room has many different lights serving different purposes, like lamps, sconces and bedside fixtures. Think about the functions your bedroom serves and add the light strategically. 

Installing bedside fixtures will lend a luxurious tenor. But you don’t have to go all out. A simple and inexpensive lamp can give your room the hotel vibe. 

3- ART

To paint a picture of serenity, hang a painting. Choose a soothing piece that’ll lend a soft aura. Art done with garish colors will disrupt the mood of the room. 

Strategically place decorative accessories on surfaces, like vases and clocks, to complement the theme.

But be sure to keep the accessories to a measured minimum. Excess clutter will destroy the minimalist appeal of your almost-complete hotel room.


Hotel rooms are carpeted for the cozy feel. While that may not be ideal to upkeep in your own home, spreading a large rug in your room will definitely warm you while being significantly easier to maintain.

Choose a pattern with an array of muted tones that’ll add depth to your room.


There’s nothing like lying down after a long day and taking deep breaths. Not to inhale the remaining scents of dinner wafting through the door, though. A clean, calming scent will have you blissfully resting in no time. And that’s easy to accomplish. 

Simply light a scented candle near your bed to permeate the air with a fresh scent.

Citrus candles give off that fresh and clean scent akin to a crisp hotel bed.

Use a reed diffuser to maintain the sumptuous scent all day.

Additionally, you can spray your bed linens with your favorite scent to tickle your nostrils as you lie down.


You may think that piling on the pillows is what piles on the pleasure. Truthfully, placing your pillows purposely makes your bed inviting and exciting. 

For your hotel bed, 4 quality pillows are recommended. Overdoing the fluff (is fun but) is minimizing the serenity. Make your rest comfy and clean.


Implement these ideas into your room and watch nighttime become the best time.